Tuesday, January 10, 2012

dutch bangla bank (dbbl) online banking

dutch bangla bank

dutch bangla bank
Dutch bangla  bank (DBBL) online banking : Dutch-Bangla Bank Restricted (DBBL) is Bangladesh's most revolutionary and technically innovative bank. DBBL appears to give the most revolutionary and cost-effective checking products to Bangladesh. Amonst financial institutions, DBBL is the most significant contributor in to public causes in Bangladesh. It appears as one of the most significant personal contributors involed in imporving the nation. DBBL is very pleased to be associated with assisting Bangladesh as well as being a innovator in the nation's checking sector

Dutch-Bangla Bank Restricted (DBBL) presented Web Transaction Trip to allows E-commerce in Bangladesh. Any Visa/MasterCard greeting cards owner (local or overseas) can person their greeting cards to pay DBBL approved e-Merchants against their buy of services and product. They can also pay DESCO power charges. DBBL is utilizing air carriers, railways, Power companies, universities and Stock Transactions for assisting buy of admission, settlement of bills/fees and IPO ongoing through the Web Transaction Trip. It is also scheming to make an person interface with the well known PayPal settlement gateway. Once everything in function, this will change the settlement process in Bangladesh and will reduce public having difficulties. It will also increase the E-commerce and open the home for capable and ICT company to earn more remittance for the nation.

Dutch-Bangla bank designers business and imagination in business and market with a liability to public liability. "Profits alone" do not hold a middle concentrate in the Lender's operation; because "man does not live by breads and butter alone".

Dutch-Bangla bank ambitions of better Bangladesh, where disciplines and characters, athletics and sporting, popular music and amusement, scientific disciplines and training, health and cleanliness, clear and pollution free atmosphere and above all a community based on values and values make all our life worth living. DBBL's substance and ethos rest on a cosmos of imagination and the marvel-magic of a thrilled life that increases with mindset of life and activities that adds towards people progression.

Core Objectives
Dutch-Bangla Lender considers in its uncompromising liability to satisfy its client needs and fulfillment and to become their first choice in checking. Taking cue from its share famous customers, Dutch-Bangla Lender wants to create a new era in checking that upholds and epitomizes its vaunted marques "Your Respected Partner"


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